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Dear Reader,
I do not care if you are "conservative" or "liberal"----you will despise Giuliani either way, when you find out the truth about this flip-flopping, self-serving convicted criminal, who got caught lying about EVERYTHING, from his crime-fighting statistics to his family; from his combover to his "terrorism" expertise; from his "tax-cuts" to his incompetency on 9/11.

The man has gotten caught lying about every topic he's discussed, from his corporate welfare scams to his affordable housing scams, from his patronage scandals (hiring unqualified cronies like Harding and Kerik) to his adoption statistics, to his fake welfare "reforms", to his constantly flip-flopping political positions.

And he's the fakest "Christian" ever seen. (Hey, isn't false advertising illegal?)

And the funniest irony is that Rudy is the man who put Hillary into the Senate (twice!) when he promised to slay the Hillary beast in 2000 and choked (as usual), using his prostate cancer as a false excuse. [His public schedule after he dropped out shows no slowing down, meaning he exaggerated his cancer problems. Typical Rudy. Typical Politician.] (Rudy has broken 99% of promises he's made. Just ask his first two wives and the taxpayers of NYC.)

Below, I'll even prove to you that Rudy Giuliani is essentially Hillary Clinton in drag, and you're going to see millions of Republicans vote for Hillary's twin brother! It's hilarious! The GOP not only supports the man who put Hillary in office (ask for extensive details) and thisclose to the White House, they support the GOP candidate most like Hillary in every way (such as secrecy)!

Seems like they have a secret crush on Hillary (but are afraid to admit it so they insult her instead like immature schoolkids).

(NOTE: I can name 500 Rudy flip-flops and scandals for every ONE you can about Hillary, Romney, or any of these other awful candidates. Rudy is the WORST crook /politician in US history. And I'll prove it to you below.)


On this site, I will provide thousands of concrete, specific examples that will prove to you that he is maybe the biggest liar in history---no kidding---and he's easily more corrupt than all the other awful candidates for president combined. I will also prove, ad nauseum, that the media will never admit this (just like they still treat Bush as if his words aren't empty, despite the fact that everything he said or promised later turned out false).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to end Rudy's bogus career---ditto many journalists for lying to the American people-----b/c it shows he faked the crime stats and proves NYC is owned by CRIMINALS.


I took this photo b/c it hilariously illustrates how NYC is the crime capital of Earth.

THREE different bikes, ALL with parts stolen by criminals on the SAME block?

Wow. Imagine 3 different women being raped ON THE SAME BLOCK!
How scandalous would ANY crime being repeated on the SAME block be?

The building in the background is NYU---one of the richest schools on earth!

If your property ISN'T SAFE outside one of the most prestigious schools on earth (it's also the choice of many rich foreign kids and celebrities) then where the fuck IS it safe? (My bikes were stolen on the same street as an NYPD precinct! See any pattern yet?)

Should I mention that NYU is... uh... RUDY's own school?? OOF!

Shall I go on?

How about when I begged Rudy on live radio his first year in office (1994) to Do Something about rampant bike theft and he blew me off, saying he'd "look into it" [pretty "tough", eh?]? How about 2 years later when the Daily News did a cover story on how rampant bike theft was and filmed a thief stealing a bike in Washington Square Park? Should I mention that that rich park is just a few blocks from this rich NYU building?? Should I mention that Rudy told the Daily News in 1996 that he'd "look into it" after they showed bike thieves ruling the city in broad daylight?

See ANY pattern yet?

Should I remind you that RUDY HIMSELF said if you see this photo, then murder rates rise? His entire crime fighting theory hinges on "broken windows": if there are any signs of small crime like graffiti or bike theft, then serious crime must go up b/c it shows Law Enforcement is asleep! Well here are THREE "broken windows" in plain sight every day, sending a message to the world that criminals rule NYC. (Rudy will argue that I musta taken the photo minutes after all 3 bikes were victimized, right? Rudy HIMSELF says his NYPD---the world's largest---FAIL 80% of the time to solve crime! But not one media outlet will report it! Sheesh!)

now back to our regular schedule...

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Also NOTE that the media continues to lie to you about how "liberal" or "Conservative" Rudy is.


FACT: Giuliani is the worst LIBERAL pol in US history (he created the largest municipal debt in human history; increased municipal govt spending more than any pol in human history; was a bleeding heart on criminals (like his own administration) and all the worst aspects of "liberal" pols) and I will give you thousands of specific examples on this site.

He is Hillary Clinton in drag.

(Actually, Rudy is twice as Liberal---and I mean that in the BAD "liberal" sense, ie, soft on crime, wasteful with taxdollars, etc---as Hillary on most issues.)

But Giuliani is ALSO the worst RIGHT WING pol in US history (he tried to outlaw the First Amendment along with the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, 11th, and 14th and lost in court over and over; he preached The Ten Commandments while cheating on his wife; he tried to outlaw adult bookstores while protecting child molesters and the extremely lawless Catholic Church; he refused to go after crimes by corporations, govt officials, police, his rich buddies, and refused to test DNA rape kits to let rapists off the hook, for instance).

HE IS A TWO-FACE charlatan who even gives politicians a bad name.
Which is precisely why he cannot lose the election: BAD GUYS FINISH FIRST.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, the division between "conservative" and "liberal" is a FAKE ONE created by the corporate media to divide us and conquer.

Conservative and Liberal voters alike DESPISE the same things: lying, flip-flopping politicians who don't keep their promises and steal our taxdollars.

And the Democrat and Republican Parties are both utterly CORRUPT.



When Giuliani was elected mayor, NYC had 900,000 potholes (almost all manmade by the phone and utility companies). When he left office 8 years later, NYC had 900,000 potholes.

FIND me one republican OR democrat who thinks this is a good mayor.

You can't.

We ALL AGREE on 99% of the issues. (EX: The NYPost slammed Rudy just as hard as the Village Voice did for giving himself (!!) a 50% pay raise and the entire worthless City Council a 75% pay raise while stiffing cops and firemen and teachers.)


So stop with they childish "conservative" and "liberal" labels.

(If they really meant that much to you Rudy wouldn't be the leading Republican candidate now, would he!)



The Republicans are super-liberal in many ways. (ex: they support super-LIBERAL Christianity while the Democrats don't as much) (ex: the GOP supports Big Govt in many ways the Democrats don't, such as their GIANT military and GIANT "intelligence" services and GIANT interference in our PRIVATE lives. The GOP supports outlawing dirty words! the GOP supports banning nudity and sexuality! the GOP wants to control who we love, marry, have sex with, and what we smoke or snort! They hate privacy from govt interference!).

Likewise, the Democrats are super-conservative in many ways. (ex: they withhold public records that hurt them; they support censorship like Hitler, Stalin, and the GOP;) (ex: they support funding for a brainless Iraq war that cost us over a trillion; they support the totally-failed War On Drugs that cost us over 20 trillion dollars, and created half the crime in america [you didn't really think teens bought guns with their paper-route money, did you?] to stop FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL ADULT CHOICE. Most cops in the USA were killed thanks to the Prohibition of drugs!) (ex: the Dems use police state tactics just like Hitler, Stalin, and Rudy, and then pay out a billion of YOUR dollars a year to settle the lawsuits from their crimes!)

Hypocrisy is the only thing Republicrats believe in.

Now back to the biggest hypocrite ever...


HERE's a quick example of what NYC looks like today, after 8 years of Rudy's legendary "reforms" and "crime-fighting":


In fact, it's far worse than this is you pay closer attention to this photo.

You can clearly see graffiti ON TOP of other graffiti ON TOP of other graffiti ON TOP of other graffiti (!!), and that fact ALONE is enough to end Giuliani's faked career.


a) it proves that criminals (as Rudy called graffiti taggers) ran out of "victims" (!!) and had to commit crimes on the same victim! (This is akin to your home being robbed 7 separate times in a row!) In other words, NYC is the world capital of crime since Rudy "cleaned" it up.

b) Rudy himself said graffiti increases the murder rate (yes, he was that insane) so either there is little graffiti in NYC---and I'll gladly take you to all 5 boroughs and show you over 400 MILLION graffiti tags today---or else RUDY LIED. Which is it, Two-Face Rudy? (I asked his staff to explain these "mysteries" and they pled the fifth.)

c) This is the Williamsburg Bridge, which has a bike / walking path that has been known for muggings, etc, for the 17 years I've lived in NYC. (And a close friend was mugged just a few months ago on it, so you know Rudy cleaned up NYC crime!) Ergo, this photo shows that the NYPD (the world's largest police force; 38,000 strong!) are specifically ignoring the places where crime happens!

Even more humiliating: the Williamsburg Bridge---where crime is rampant---just happens to be directly next to... the 7th Precinct! (In other words, Rudy struck such fear into the hearts of criminals that they not only still commit crimes as often as they want---and run out of spaces to vandalize!---they do it NEXT TO THE WORLD'S LARGEST POLICE FORCE (aka "The Finest", which is what media calls a force that says they fail to solve 80% of reported crime and 50% of murders!!!).)

See? The more DETAILS you know, the more you realize that Rudy is the fakest politician in history. Shall I go on?

Okay, I will, because some of you doubt I can list 4 million separate examples of Giuliani's lies / flip-flopping, corruption, and fraudulent reputation.

d) this photo shows crime on government property, which, alone, would end Rudy's faked career if people were told the truth by journalists----because crime on government property is the most scandalous crime there is. It's akin to a policeman being mugged! (It's akin to 4 guys with boxcutters hitting the Pentagon [!], ie, the greatest failure of "law enforcement" ever seen!)

If Rudy's powerful government can't protect ITSELF, it sure as hell can't protect you and I (and sure enough, Rudy failed to solve a single one of hundreds of crimes I reported---even when I spoke to him many times on WABC radio and he promised to help and then did nothing once the show was over and the cameras were turned off too).

GOT THAT? If criminals aren't afraid to mug cops or attack the Pentagon (and Rudy says Bush did a great job of protecting the Pentagon and America) or vandalize govt property NEXT TO A POLICE STATION, then where ARE they afraid to commit crime?

(Actually, I can take you into all of NYC's police stations AND courts of law and show you tens of thousands of acts of vandalism INSIDE these headquarters of "law and order". This is more pathetic than the Keystone Kops, but no journalist will tell you the truth.)

Shall I go on with just this ONE example of Rudy's fraudulent lies?

e) this photo ALONE proves that 100% of journalists LIED about Rudy's great crime-fighting skill and that Rudy cooked the crime stats like he got caught faking all his other statistics.

f) Look at the photo again.

NOTE that the criminals---many, many, many criminals!---all had to cross electrified train tracks to commit these crimes! That ONE FACT alone would end Rudy's career if media told the truth (which they refuse to do), because it proves that crime is so common and popular in NYC that criminals will gratuitously RISK THEIR LIVES to vandalize the property Rudy (and his super-corrupt and equally-fake crony Mayor Mike Bloomberg) promised to protect from crime!!

This is akin to putting your wallet in a locked safe, behind rows of barbed wire, guarded by pit bulls, on top of mount everest, with Sheriff Rudy patrolling it, and STILL, every criminal (and his brother) (and his friend) (and his cousin, and...) ALL continue to break through these "safeguards" on a daily basis!


RUDY IS THE MOST INCOMPETENT CRIME FIGHTER IN HISTORY, and this is just ONE of hundreds of thousands of examples I can show you that prove it. (And I will show you plenty more on this site. This is just the preface!)

I can go on and on with just this ONE example but I think you get the point.

Some dumb Rudy fans will argue that "Rudy isn't mayor anymore!" so I can't blame him for the fact that NYC today is the most crime-ridden ghetto on earth, but that's ridiculous for many reasons, of which I'll just list a couple.

EX: even if all this crime happened AFTER Rudy left (which it didn't, and that can be proven in many ways) it would still prove Rudy lied about having reformed NYC's lawless anarchy. Unless of course, Rudy says he's like a plumber you hire to fix your sink and he does fix your sink (while making you pay him $195,000 a year!) but as soon as he leaves, your sink goes back to being broken! That's insane and that plumber would go to prison for ripping off his customers!

EX: Giuliani singlehandedly put Mayor Crook Bloomberg into office (and Rudy has admitted this) so ANY BAD THINGS Bloomberg does can be pinned on the man who put this crook into office. And Rudy himself has said this is true and I agree completely with Rudy.

See how comprehensive Rudy's fakery is? I'm leaving out even more scandal proven by this one photo b/c there are too many more examples of his lies and the media's lies.

But here's just one more photo from the Williamsburg Bridge to show you just how well Rudy stopped graffiti.

Again, this ONE PHOTO is enough to end Rudy's career b/c it proves dozens of lies by him and the media. Rudy was powerless to stop crime and in his first tv ad for the presidential campaign, he, again, uses the lie that he proved NYC wasn't "ungovernable" and out of control! There are thousands of crimes, just on this ONE structure!! (And it's been painted over with taxmoney again and again. [sound of toilet flushing our money away])


BUT LET'S MOVE ON to other topics...


on this crook than any other source, on a wider variety of scandals than you thought possible. I will also prove to you that he FOSTERED most crime in NYC, and I will list twice as many of his criminal acts related to 9/11 than anywhere else, and prove to you that he killed most of the 3,000 people who died on that day. (Hell, even the 9/11 Commission Report essentially says Rudy killed most of them! Even most engineering groups say Rudy killed most of the 3,000! Even Bush and Cheney and the NYPost have said Rudy killed most of the 3,000 dead! They just don't like to say it out loud and proud. So please read through this whole site if you really want the depth of this psycho's corruption.)

Giuliani is so worthless he even DOUBLED NYC's 300-year-old debt in just 8 years! (He created the largest municipal debt in all human history! Ask the NYTimes or CNN why they won't write about any of this.) (Could it be the billion dollars in corporate welfare Mayor Rudy gave them?)

The man is amazingly corrupt in every category.

And THIS is why he's the leading Republican candidate.

BE WARNED: many say Rudy is too corrupt / dishonest to be elected President which is like saying fire is too hot to burn you. (Duh: politics is CORRUPT and the most corrupt usually wins.) (Have you people learned NOTHING from the last 300 years of government corruption???)

Rudy is a fake, which is exactly WHY he cannot lose the election.

NOTHING ABOUT THIS PHONY IS REAL, and the corporate media promises you won't find this out, b/c ALL the corporations are backing Giuliani. Watch. They'll focus on trivial Giuliani flip-flops and scandals like his 3 marriages, his cross-dressing, and so on.

look at how many stories about Rudy OMIT, say, his giving HIMSELF a 50% pay raise as mayor, in defiance of angry conservative and liberal taxpayers. (This ALONE disqualifies him from being President b/c it proves Rudy doesn't serve the People. He serves himself. At OUR expense. And most of us would call this "theft" b/c he took OUR money against our will. Rudy belongs in prison like the rest of his administration.) (Even the Rudy blowjob queens at the NYPost slammed Rudy's TWO $30,000 pay raises---both larger than the annual salary of almost every person on earth!)

(In 1994 the "public servant" mayor was paid $130,000 a year. NOT BAD to shake hands, pose for photos, and march in parades, which is most of what Rudy and other mayors did. Rudy upped his salary to $195,000 in just 8 years! A starting cop in NYC today makes...$25,000! FIND ME A REPUBLICAN WHO AGREES WITH THIS CORRUPT CRIMINAL PSYCHO GIULIANI.)

NOTE how many journalists mention that Rudy gave the 51 members of the City Council (whom Rudy said were worthless Democratic hacks) a 75% pay raise in just 8 years! (While he stiffed cops, firemen, and teachers of even 15% pay raises!!)

THIS ALONE WOULD INFURIATE ALL TAXPAYERS. Which is why media, instead, keeps saying how fiscally "conservative" Rudy is! (DUH: Journalists work for the corporations that put politicians in office.)


THIS PHOTO also shows just how super-corrupt and failed Giuliani is as a "leader" who "improved" NYC.

The variety of his failures is hard to fathom.

Giuliani lost more trees in one city than ANY politician in earth's history.

I can take you all across the 5 boroughs of NYC and show you missing trees on nearly every block. (I've seen as many as three missing on ONE block!)

There's a missing tree across the street from my apartment right now!

Now, Rudy says losing a million trees is a "quality of life" improvement (ASK HIM).

Of course, this is the criminal psycho who, for 8 years, didn't obey the Federal CLEAN AIR ACT once. (He simply called his Bush pal and got a waiver that let Rudy ignore the laws about our environment.) (NYC even surpassed L.A. for worst air in the USA! Yet 100% of the media says "the worst air in the USA = Best Mayor Ever"!)

(Since Reagan ---"ketchup" is a vegetable for school kids"--- was Rudy's idol, I'm guessing that Rudy would say "fewer trees mean better air and better cities!".)

Rudy even spent millions of TAXDOLLARS to cut down PUBLIC trees! (EX: he gave public park space to his largest campaign contributors to build luxury condos!) (It's worse than this but you'll have to scroll down for that topic.) (You really thought I was kidding about Rudy having scandals in every single area of his life and career? The man is the Beatles of Corruption! Without peer!)

Should I even bother to discuss that Rudy himself said missing trees = higher crime?

(Again: decay says 'no one cares', which inspires criminals, said Rudy. Missing trees is the broken windows theory. Ergo, Rudy increased crime, according to Rudy, unless of course Rudy is saying that THAT Rudy was wrong, like Rudy has said Rudy Face 1 was wrong on everything. No wonder Team Giuliani is scared to death to debate me or other smart people. )

= = = = = = = =

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! In this photo (I still have the original huge one) I counted over 80 CIGARETTE BUTTS littering the spot of the missing tree!


Rudy says if you see litter, that means crime went UP!

I believe Rudy!

And the MEDIA says 80 crimes----both Rudy and the Media say littering is a CRIME---- in 4 square feet area (ie, the highest crime rate in human history again) = "Rudy's success at stopping filth and crime"!!!!!!

Shall I go on?

Rudy says most of the trees died due to disease (but you said the MAYOR controls all of this, see: your gassing the city with Nazi-derived nerve gas during the West Nile Virus hoaxes, Rudy!)... but I can prove otherwise.

Again, Team Giuliani should be brave and send a staffer to debate me IN PUBLIC.

FYI: half the trees died from delivery trucks backing into them, and because NYC has the most toxic air in the USA, ALL the responsibility of the Man Who Runs The City----and Rudy AGAIN backs me up: he had an "I'm Responsible" sign on his City Hall desk.

I agree with Rudy: anything bad in this city is HIS responsibility. Are you going to call Rudy a liar and argue his sign wasn't SINCERE? Are you going to argue that Rudy is FAKE and pretends to be in charge when he's not, just for appearances?


I'll buy that argument too.

"Rudy Giuliani" is a total fabrication.

the guy's OWN MOTHER (!!) has said Rudy is a fake Republican, who often pretends to be things he isn't, for sleazy opportunism! Luckily, some journalists are pointing out that Rudy only switched to Republican a month AFTER Reagan got elected, so Rudy could kiss up to power and climb the ladder by getting a job in Reagan's Justice Dept under that crook Ed Meese! NOTE that this flip-flop alone proves Rudy can never tell the truth, since he switched from Dem to independent b/c "independence" was his rule, HE said. He changed that tune like he always changes his tune, but he knows Republicans are suckers and this is why he's the leading GOP candidate and will win.

(He's right. Bush has proven you can fool all Republicans all the time.)

it was Rudy's closest aide and "security expert" at Giuliani Partners, Bernie Kerik, who trained the Iraqi Police (!!)---and both conservatives and liberals agree that these clowns couldn't even protect themselves from kidnappings and executions!

Now notice how many articles about Rudy For Prez OMIT this smoking gun about Rudy's "success".

Republicans hate Rudy's bogus "security leadership" as much as Democrats do.

it was just last month that an NYPD officer was raped in her own home at knifepoint here in NYC! When your police can't protect themselves from vicious crime, NO ONE can say you've "cleaned up" crime in a city! [See any pattern yet in Rudyland?] Many NYPD cops get killed by criminals seizing their weapons, because they were trained by Rudy!

Rudy was so inept on crime that HIS OWN HOME was burglarized on 86th (?) street in the middle of Rudy's alleged super crimefighting mayoralty! Yet the media didn't find this ironic or worth covering!

Ex-Mayor KOCH had HIS car stolen 7 YEARS into Rudy's "crime crackdown"! No mayor in history is softer on crime than Fraud Rudy. The man is a nincompoop, and his sad combover should've been the first clue that Rudy cares more about covering up unflattering truths than BEING HONEST AND OPEN.

(Rudy's puppet successor, Tax Hike Mike Bloomberg was just the victim of identity theft by guys who stole $10,000 from him!! THAT'S how much Rudy lowered crime: the MAYOR who runs the largest police force in Earth's HISTORY isn't even safe from crime!)

even Rudy HIMSELF says he's the worst crime fighter ever. For instance, NO OTHER CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT says they lost their "Top Secret" campaign blueprints to thieves at the airport! This clown can't protect himself or his campaign! See any pattern yet? Do you want a guy who can't protect his own luggage to protect us from terrorists?

[He did a pretty good job on 9/11, right? The terrorists only completely succeeded! Hooray for Hero Rudy! He's tough on terrorism! Oh wait. Rudy literally supports terrorism and has said he supports YOUR taxmoney funding Osama, Saddam, Iran, and Reagan-Bush's commitment to stopping democracy around the globe. See: Nicaragua, South Africa, and on and on. ASK RUDY about this if you doubt me. Rudy also supports the CIA, er, terrorists behind 9/11 b/c they made him superRICH and saved his ruined career!]

every single media outlet---both "liberal" and "conservative"---says the guy who had TWO of his three POLICE commissioners busted for breaking laws (!!!!) and who always said laws were meant to be broken and ignored* is Mr. Super Law-And-Order!

(*EX: in his first year in office, Rudy announced he would not obey the Recycling Laws and mocked them! And this was widely publicized, so HOW THE FUCK does the media omit this now, to portray a mayor who hated Law and Order as Mr. Law And Order???!! Rudy got caught breaking more laws than any other mayor in US history, and he was convicted by thousands of juries and judges! If not for the fact that the mayor is VERY untouchable by law enforcement, Rudy would die in federal prison of old age.)

Rudy has literally gotten caught lying about every single topic. Even when he didn't have to LIE he did, because he's "pathological" (as his friends state).

Rudy 1998: "My marriage is GREAT" (when asked about his screwed up marriage)
Rudy 2000: "everyone knew my marriage was over long ago" (said after he got caught cheating on his wife and violating the Ten Commandments he wanted to illegally put in public schools).

Now, WHY didn't Rudy just say his marriage was "private" then?

WHY did he make up a STOOPID LIE about the fact that his wife and kids hated him for being an absentee father (and a pathological creep)??

NOTE that Rudy is NOW flip-flopping on this issue because he's being backed into a corner by conservatives who hate his endless lies about his religious faith, his abuse of Catholic rules, his hatred of "family values", his hiring a child-molesting ex-priest pal at Giuliani Partners, etc.

NOW, Rudy says "my family life (which I cannot explain without admitting I'm a liar and crook and criminal b/c adultery is a crime in NYState and I said SMALL crimes matter as much as BIG crimes do) is A PRIVATE MATTER."


Funny, Mayor Giuliani always said that ONLY DISHONEST PEOPLE WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE care about "privacy". (He said this many times when discussing issues like public cameras, fingerprinting everyone that moves, collecting DNA samples from all newborn babies, etc.)

I agree with Rudy Giuliani completely: his calls for respecting his "privacy" mean he is LYING and hiding scandals.

Will any journalist confront Rudy on this flip-flop lying?


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


NOTE: Team Giuliani continues to say, daily, that my facts are correct that he's totally corrupt, and everyone else's facts that he's a two-face liar are correct too.

if you look at many major stories exposing Rudy's lies or flip-flops during this campaign, you'll see how often Rudy and his campaign "decline to comment" or "refuse to respond".

FACT: An honest reporter at The Washington Post just did a story that proved RUDY LIED about his history of fighting terrorism, and LIED about his work as a U.S. Attorney and so on. And they proved this point-by-point.

Giuliani's response? He choked and refused to explain The Facts or how the report was incorrect!

He pled the Fifth.

The NYTimes did a piece about RUDY LYING to the NRA about Giuliani's lawsuit against gun manufacturers. (Even Liberals think Rudy's lawsuit---suing gun makers for the crimes their customers commit!?!!----is bogus!) Rudy's OWN protege, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, publicly said Rudy had LIED to the NRA (in order to scam all the GOP suckers into voting for Two-Face Rudy) about the lawsuit.

When The Times reporter asked Rudy and his team about his lies, they CHOKED and ran away instead of proving the facts or details wrong. They refused to disprove the facts that Rudy lied.

They pled the Fifth.

GAME OVER: No less than Prosecutor Rudy Giuliani said many times that, if you plead the fifth, or refuse to answer questions, it is for ONE REASON ONLY: YOU ARE GUILTY AS CHARGED.

And I completely agree with Rudy.

(I've never plead the Fifth and always prove my enemies wrong, fact by fact. This is why I called Rudy on WABC radio 22 times to debate and Rudy choked all 22 times. RUDY SAYS RUDY IS A GUILTY, LYING CROOK, and so how can any one of his fans disagree with their hero??)

If Rudy's critics are saying false things about him, WHY wouldn't he disprove their facts, unless the reports were TRUE? Rudy loves to file lawsuits, so WHY wouldn't he sue the Post for libeling him?

Their reports could cost him the election, so WHY is "Tough" Rudy running away? B/c Rudy says he cannot disprove their stories. (All conservatives and liberals AGREE: Actions speak louder than words.) Oh yeah: Rudy is just like OJ Simpson, who ALSO pled the Fifth and refused to testify in his own defense! If Rudy even tried to sue, he'd be put under oath and then be imprisoned for perjury, so Rudy just ignores each expose about his crimes with Purdue, or Kerik, or Harding.

HOW can a guy running for president not have to answer questions of taxpayers???? That's HITLER and STALIN-esque and HUSSEIN tactics!

RUDY KNOWS: most voters don't care about facts, and he's right, b/c even dumb Republican voters who HATE Rudy say they'll vote for him to stop the Democrats from taking the White House. All the Editorial Boards will be endorsing Rudy, just as all corporations are backing Rudy. He knows we can expose 99% of his endless lies and scandals and he will STILL WIN the election. And this is absolutely true.

Just remember: Giuliani and his campaign have admitted over and over that Rudy is the biggest liar in politics, and a total charlatan, and help spread the word before it's too late.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The man is the Beatles of corruption.

He is without peer.

And if Americans find out the truth about him, the Republicans would JAIL him instead of voting for him.

And wimpy liberals would endorse the death penalty for this treasonous, mass-murdering, convicted criminal.

And therein lies the catch: you will NOT find out the truth about this crook from the media, nor most politico experts.

Hell, even "left-wing" media has rehashed most lazy or stoopid myths about Super-Charlatan Rudy. (The super-corrupt Village Voice has even printed many pro-Rudy lies in contradiction to the devastatingly detailed reports of Wayne Barrett and Tom Robbins [who got a top Rudy aide sent to prison!]. Sheesh! )

the smartest, most skeptical people I know ALL believed Rudy showed "leadership" on 9/11, despite 100% of the evidence proving otherwise. (Just like every smart person I know thinks Mayor Bloomberg---easily the second most corrupt mayor in US history---is a good guy!)

And yet even Rudy himself has since said I was the only correct person when I said Rudy is the opposite of a leader.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Rudy has since said I was correct about his behavior after the Twin Towers fell: he has admitted publicly that he hired "grief experts" and others [at considerable expense to us taxpayers] to TELL HIM WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO SAY.

This, alone, proves how totally dishonest the media was. You can call Rudy a superb FOLLOWER, but it is absolutely dishonest to call him a leader in any way.

(Likewise, Rudy has admitted that he got all of his ideas from the Manhattan Institute----b/c Rudy had no ideas of his own. He's a puppet of the corporations who run America and who funded this phony "think tank" "Institute", and if you doubt me, contact them online and challenge them to debate me publicly. They'll chicken out as usual. REMEMBER: Rudy is the opposite of a leader. Period.)

Of course, it was quite o-b-v-i-o-u-s that his 9/11 eloquence (which was totally uncharacteristic of the immature mobster) was BOGUS, especially his very uncharacteristically-poetic statement that the death toll would be "more than any of us can bear".


This ONE example of Rudy getting his ideas from the Manhattan Institute instantly negates EVERY SINGLE POSITIVE THING you've ever heard about Giuliani, as it proves Rudy LIED about his leadership skills and that the media's praise of Rudy was FICTION.

I don't need to give another example.

But I will.

In fact, I'll give you tens of thousands of more examples proving Rudy is the biggest liar in mankind, and the most corrupt politician in U.S. history.

(And I'll challenge ANY historians or ANY person to publicly debate me if you DOUBT this.)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

even Rudy's enemies continue to spread the endless lies and myths about this crook, such as that he DID lower crime in NYC (a total lie, which I shall prove) and did "reform" govt (another laughable fiction), and this makes my job even more difficult (and annoying).

But if I don't expose this fraud who will?

Not The sleazy Republican Party, and not the moronic Democratic Party.

Not the supercorrupt New York Times nor the supercorrupt New York Post.

Giuliani will get a free ride just like the last 43 Presidents, all of whom were crooks, did.

Mostly b/c journalists are paid liars.

IN FACT, Giuliani has said he's been planning to be President since he was 15, and all his publicity stunts as a "crimefighter", etc, were fabricated with his eye on one prize: to be America's first Italian-American president. (He should have his idol Mario Cuomo as his VP! That's if Kerik's not in jail at the time.)

So... once he became mayor, he stole over seven BILLION [$7,000,000,000!!] from NYC taxpayers and gave it to all the Media Moguls as kickbacks, er, "corporate welfare", er, "economic development", in order to guarantee pro-Rudy coverage.


Of course you would.

And so too would the NYPost.

And the NYTimes.

And here's a quick smoking gun to prove the NYTimes is super-corrupt: NOTICE whenever they write a pro-Giuliani story (such as sleazebag MARC SANTORA's asskissing articles) if they include ANY disclosure of the tons of cash Rudy gave them.

If they do NOT disclose this critical fact, that ALONE proves they are in the business of deceiving Americans. (Isn't that a form of treason? Deceiving Americans to cheat our democratic principles? Let's ask a jury of taxpayers and see!)


This isn't a complicated puzzle. Giuliani's crimes are the same ones politicians used to cheat us 200 fucking YEARS ago. (That's why the media spins him as a "true original".)

His scams are identical to Chancellor Hitler's and Premier Josef Stalin's and Saddam Hussein's and every other criminal drunk with power.




Giuliani proved HIMSELF to be super-corrupt the minute he refused to answer questions and violated federal law repeatedly (ex: the Freedom of Information Law, or FOIL).

Any conservative and liberal should be able to figure that out:


WHY did Giuliani not only specialize in SECRECY (if he didn't cheat the crime and welfare stats, etc), but go so far as to repeatedly violate LAW in order to keep anyone from seeing behind his Iron Curtain?

And WHY else would he imitate Hitler and Stalin (both of whom cherished SECRECY) or the heads of Iran?

This is AMERICA, Ayatollah Rudy.

If you can't handle FREEDOM of information, then move to Iran where you belong, you psycho criminal.

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

This ONE FACT ALONE, about Rudy's legendary SECRECY, ends all debate about Rudy, b/c it proves that Rudy CHEATED everything he said. (And Rudy himself backed me up, when he said, as a prosecutor, that silence = guilt.)


Rudy belongs in prison just for violating federal and state laws and cheating the American people for PUBLIC INFORMATION.

Shall I go on? (I've got a zillion more.)

And HOW does the media spin Rudy's endless criminal behavior ---and don't forget that he was FOUND GUILTY by thousands of judges and juries, meaning he is a "convicted" "lawbreaker"---into he is a relentless crime fighter???

Remember: the ONLY reason politicians get away with robbing us is because JOURNALISTS cover it all up to protect them. If we clean up the MEDIA, we automatically clean up the govt simultaneously.

NO POLITICIAN can commit a crime if the MEDIA reported it (instead of what Paris Fucking Hilton ate yesterday).

Politicians are just puppets of the Mega Corporations who fund their campaigns and endorse them in the newspapers etc.

It's JOURNALISTS who are the front soldiers of dishonest government, deceiving us and distracting us.

Kill TWO corrupt birds with ONE stone: stop corrupt media.


NOW, on to some bite-size examples of Giuliani's fraudulence...

(I have to learn to be more succinct.)


Rudy admits he's SOFT ON CRIME.

I think we should have the Death Penalty for ANY politician found guilty of violating our Constitution and its Bill Of Rights (which were created solely to protect us from nazis like King George and Adolf Giuliani).


(Send his campaign an email and ask. Betcha he pleads the fifth!)

In fact, Rudy believes there should be NO PUNISHMENT for politicians found guilty of violating the highest law in America. Not even a fine, or forced resignation.

(Because he's been convicted repeatedly of violating federal, state, and city laws, by judges and juries.) (He just paid the fines using our tax money! He was not held personally responsible in ANY way, which is why Republicans love him: they don't believe in personal responsibility b/c they're even more hypocritical than Democrats are.)


Giuliani has admitted he's the biggest flip-flopper in history, changing his story on nearly 100% of occasions.

Rudy September 2001..."We will REBUILD!" (said to sound optimistic, brave and proud and defiant of the terrorists)

Rudy September 2002... "We should not REBUILD!" (said to try and pander to the 9/11 families who want all of Ground Zero to be a cemetery, caving into the terrorists)

I have never met a person who changed their story even 50% of the time, but I have yet to find Rudy staying consistent on a SINGLE issue or topic!

* * * * * *

You've all heard the bullshit of how Rudy as U.S. Attorney went after the Mob and Wall Street crooks. Now, look at Rudy's Prez Website or ask them HOW MANY MOBSTERS or Corporate Criminals Rudy arrested once he was elected Mayor! (A: zero!)

He only did these HIGH-PROFILE cases to get MEDIA COVERAGE to help him with his life-long quest to be President, (first using us NYC taxpayers as a stepping stone).

If he SINCERELY cared about The Mob he wouldn't have had a police commissioner (Kerik) who was mobbed up, nor would he have allowed his two farm team stadiums (on Staten and Coney islands) to be built by Mob companies. (I can give you many more examples of Rudy helping the Mob once he became mayor.)

DUH: if Rudy was destroying the Mob like lying journalists pretend, the Mob would've RUBBED RUDY OUT IN SECONDS. DUH! (They were facing life in jail, so don't tell me they were "afraid" to assassinate one attorney to keep their profitable businesses running.)

(NOTE: mafia experts say the stories that Gotti and gang voted to maybe kill Rudy sound FAKE, like everything else about Rudy's history.)

* * * * * *

ASK RUDY WHY he didn't arrest any corporate criminals once he became Mayor and promised to "fight crime".

Rudy, after stealing the 1993 election for mayor, helped all corporate criminals.

he supported Enron, and the people of NYC lost hundreds of millions of tax dollars (which were invested in Enron stocks via our pension funds)!

Rudy helped convicted tax cheat George Steinbrennar steal hundreds of millions from New York taxpayers thru shady deal after shady deal. (Hence Rudy's Iron Curtain on public info.)

corporate criminals stole more money from New Yorkers in any single year than ALL BLUE COLLAR CRIME over 300 years COMBINED!

So WHY Didn't CrimeFighting Mayor Rudy go after the BIG criminals?

Because they had funded his election for mayor and his reelection.

And Rudy needed their support for his run for president, which he admits to planning since he was 15 years old!!

* * * *

after leaving office in January 2002, Rudy did a 100% FLIP FLOP and began DEFENDING CORPORATE CRIMINALS who hired him to keep the long arm of the law off them!

WorldCom stole billions, got caught, and then hired Rudy to protect them.

Merril Lynch and many other crooked companies hired Rudy to scare away the police too!

DUH: Rudy just got busted for not only helping Purdue Pharmaceuticals cover up their crimes against their customers (for LYING to Americans about the dangers of synthetic heroin OXYCONTIN) but Purdue paid Rudy millions to keep the police off their back.

OOPS! 5 of the top goons at Purdue admitted guilt and may be off to jail soon! GOOD JOB "protecting" them, Rudy! (Rudy has FAILED in almost everything he's ever done, but you won't read that in the NYTimes or NYPost.)

could Rudy's defense of synthetic heroin (Oxycontin) be the reason he invited that drug addict Rush Limbaugh (who used synthetic heroin TOO "liberally" and got caught) to his (3rd) wedding? Rudy supporting illegal drug abusers?

Hey, that was MY argument, Rudy!

Rudy's history is amazing and journalists COULD have a field day with The Biggest Liar Ever, but few have the guts to piss off the next President. Chancellor Hitler also got away with murder b/c everyone was too scared to tell the truth about his evil.


THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to end Rudy's fake career and arrest most journalists who deliberately LIED to their customers to protect this phony. We could possibly arrest Rudy for this one scandal too, because it resulted in the theft of tens of millions of tax dollars, and perhaps hundreds of millions.


this is the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge.

it's clearly rusted to hell.


That's enough right there, but allow me to explain further.

Giuliani was in charge of keeping our infrastructure (roads, water pipes, bridges, etc) from falling apart. But he was more interested in stealing billions of our taxdollars every year away from critical things like this, in order to buy the media's favor for his planned run for president (which he's admitted to planning since he was at least 15 years old). He gave over 7 BILLION taxdollars to ABC, Time Magazine, The NYTimes, NYPost, et al, via "corporate welfare" in order to buy their silence. (Again, would YOU lie for $500 million? Hell yeah. And so too would the NYTimes and Daily News.)

Rudy didn't simply fail to do the minimums his job required, which would be enough to end his career and maybe jail him.

THIS PHOTO proves he flushed extra tens of millions of tax dollars down the drain just on this ONE scandal!

You see, if he'd simply had the bridge PAINTED before it began rusting through the last paint job, he would've saved us 90% of the cost! Even the dumbest moron knows this, but not Psycho Nutjob Rudy.

NOW, they can't just paint the bridge again.

They must hire very very expensive crews to FIRST sandblast off all the rust on the entire bridge---a job that will take many YEARS to do while inconveniencing millions of commuters and delivery trucks and all traffic, AND create unnecessary dust, filth, and toxins!!

Get it?

His negligence ended up increasing the cost of maintaining the bridge by as much as 10,000% inflation! That's INSANE and this is just ONE example of Rudy doing this in every section of NYC!

AS USUAL, I can go into further detail and overkill to fully demonstrate the man's criminal insanity.

If Rudy wouldn't take care of one of the most famous bridges on Earth, take a guess how well he treated the hundreds of other bridges in NYC! (Like I say, Rudy didn't just shit on the middle class and poor as Mayor. He shit on EVERYONE, even the rich were robbed blind by this super-criminal.)

Rudy boasted of having the largest cash "surpluses" in a budget in US history (on a municipal level). So, Rudy's argument is that he had unbelievable amounts of EXTRA MONEY he got from us little people, and yet STILL he couldn't even accomplish the basics of running a govt!

this proves Rudy is the worst fiscal manager in history. He is fiscally insane, and this is just one more smoking gun. (NOTE how often the media writes about Rudy's fiscal insanity: They DON'T. They report the exact opposite of the truth on a daily basis.)



But Republicans are so gullible and ignorant they forgot that the SOLE person who put Hillary in a position to become president was a man named... RUDY GIULIANI.

In 2000, Rudy said he'd be the GOP's hero and Stop Hillary from winning a Senate seat, but he was lying about the whole thing. (He didn't want to be a Senator. He only agreed to run against Hillary for the international media attention it brought him, to be battling the "First Lady".)

Then, he got caught cheating on his wife (again), and so he exaggerated his "prostate cancer" which was the ruse he used to betray the GOP and drop out of the race. [Exactly as Bernie Kerik used his fictional "nanny" to withdraw from the Homeland Security boss offer. See any pattern yet?]

(Rudy's public schedule after he dropped out , alone, PROVED he was totally lying when he said he didn't have "the time" to continue against Hillary [who was destroying him in polls b/c New Yorkers HATE Rudy] or had to focus on his "health". The scumbag had even blown off campaign appearances to go to Yankee's games for instance! That' s Rudy: he only cares about Rudy.)

EVEN WORSE, Rudy stalled on whether he would drop out or not (to milk media coverage) until the GOP got furious at him and threatened him. And when Rudy dropped out finally, the GOP was livid that he'd waited too long and helped his replacement LOSE to Hillary!

(You'd vote for Any Republican BUT Rudy if you were honest or sane.)

If you HATE Hillary, you must hate Rudy. (And if you love Hillary, you must hate Rudy.) (She would've crushed him anyway.)




Rudy was rejected by NYC voters when he first ran in 1989, so he had to cheat to guarantee he'd beat the incumbent mayor in 1993 (b/c beating incumbents is nearly impossible based on our corrupt election system).

So... Rudy Operatives came up with a nifty scam: since Staten Island was the most Republican of all boroughs, but they didn't vote enough b/c NYC is a consistently Democratic city, they decided to put a REFERENDUM on the 1993 ballot asking Staten Islanders if they'd like to symbolically SECEDE from NYC for ignoring their needs. (EX: NYC dumped all its trash on Staten Island's Fresh Kills---the world's largest landfill!)

THIS DIRTY (but "legal") TRICK was what put Rudy over the top, as it brought out droves of S.Islanders who never usually vote. For when they got to the voting booth and saw a corrupt Republican white guy VS a corrupt Democratic black guy, (David Dinkins, who was nearly identical to Giuliani in almost every way) it was all over. Rudy squeaked into City Hall.

LIKEWISE, his 1997 election was just as dishonest and fraudulent, and this can be proven just by the number of unions and other groups who endorsed him etc, even though they all despised him. WHY would they support a mayor they hated in every way? IN EXCHANGE FOR CASH! DUH : Giuliani controlled the purse for salary hikes, contracts, and on and on, and he used our billions as a tool. He used OUR tax dollars to buy his 1997 reelection!

(Yes, ALL politicians do this, but it doesn't make it honest or fair, and Rudy did it more than anyone. REMEMBER: Rudy calls himself a "reformer" so anything he does that typical politicians do proves him a LIAR and FRAUD. Also, most of these dirty tricks are technically ILLEGAL, but what politician can cast the first stone? They're ALL corrupt so who is going to arrest Giuliani?? There but for the grace of God go they!)



to this day, you'll still see the media report that Rudy won a "very popular reelection" or a "landslide", and they cite his "57% of the vote" (against the most incompetent Democrat ever seen: Ruth Messinger, who was an embarassment to even her friends and allies, and was likely propped up by the corrupt Dem organization as a favor to King Rudy, in exchange for patronage, contracts, etc etc).

WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU is that Mayor Koch, for instance, won reelection by 75% of the vote which is FAR superior a "landslide" to Rudy's.

WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU is that Rudy's biggest enemies, like Public Advocate Mark Green, won 75% of the vote after Rudy told NYC to dump Green! (75% of the voters told Rudy to go fuck himself! Almost every single candidate he endorsed and campaigned for was DESTROYED by Voters, proving all the journalists LIED about Rudy's supposed "popularity".)

WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU is that candidates in NYC (both GOP and Dem) regularly win reelection with 90% of the vote!

Now... 90% of the vote is a "LANDSLIDE", but, oddly enough, the crooked journalists NEVER note the landslides of Councilman Charles Barron or Mark Green, or ANY candidates EXCEPT Giuliani and Crook Bloomberg (whose "relection was even more humiliating and fraudulent than Rudy's!)

Do your own investigation of the NYC media.

See how many articles about Green or Barron or ANY of Rudy Bloomberg's enemies you can find that mention their REAL "landslide" victories versus how many mention Rudy Bloomberg's fake "landslide".

It's shocking how dishonest journalists are. (Remember: I'm a journalist myself, and have written for many of the ragazines and spewspapers I slam. I can give you horror story after horror story, and hopefully I'll do a whole large piece on this blog explaining the details about how media MUST be dishonest. It's their duty and inherent in what they do.)

You haven't a clue just how dishonest journalists REALLY are.



Rudy Two-Face says he "tamed" lawless NYC and created order but Rudy's OTHER face has said the precise opposite. FYI: When Rudy entered City Hall, NYC was pure anarchy, and Rudy admits that when he left NYC, it was pure anarchy.

when Rudy entered office, a million people a day JAYWALKED. (NOTE: jaywalking is actually deadly in NYC.) When Rudy left office, a million people a day JAYWALKED.

The details are even more humiliating: when Rudy, exactly like his twin, Mayor David Dinkins, announced a "crackdown" on jaywalking (b/c it promotes murder said Nutjob Rudy; see the Broken Windows theory) the entire city LAUGHED AT RUDY! Even Rudy's own NYPD laughed at the Boss and said they would REFUSE TO ENFORCE THE LAW. Rudy then did what he always does: he choked and ran off to cry in the corner. HE WAS IMPOTENT TO CURB LAWLESSNESS AND ANARCHY.

ASK RUDY or his CAMPAIGN about this.

ASK them if Rudy curbed jaywalking. (Whoops: any human can see on NYC streets any day that RUDY LIED.)

Then, the NYTimes and the rest of the media all said Rudy was "tough" and solved all these problems!


This ONE fact ALONE proves,

a) that Rudy is a super LIAR;

b) that Rudy is an INCOMPETENT, USELESS "leader";

c) that journalists LIED about Rudy's "success" as mayor;

Yet I have over 500,000 MORE examples of Rudy failing to dent lawlessness or NYC's anarchy.
Shall I go on?


I shall.



when Rudy became mayor, NYC had over 900,000 potholes.

When he left NYC 8 years later, the city had over 900,000 potholes.

(Today, it has over 900,000 potholes!)


He's a FRAUD.

But as always, it's FAR WORSE than it appears at first.

Rudy not only didn't fix the roads of NYC (which is DEADLY, ILLEGAL negligence, for potholes have caused many accidents and injuries!)... it turned out that Rudy had CREATED MOST OF THE POTHOLES!

if you look at most potholes in NYC still to this day, you'll note that almost none are the fault of Mother Nature. They're almost all MAN-MADE.

(Giuliani The Puppet let any big business [Con Ed, Verizon, et al] illegally cut up city streets, and then do an illegal half-assed "patch" job, which would disintegrate a week later after the criminals were long gone! Rudy then, to make it APPEAR he was doing his job, would waste billions of TAX DOLLARS to "fix" these patch jobs, and if you're slightly bright you know what that means: he had the Dept of Transportation do a... half-assed "patch" job which would disintegrate a week later, so he could tell the media "I filled 500,000 potholes!" And of course Journalists were too lazy to double check any of Rudy's facts.)

Go look at NYC streets today if you doubt me. (I ride a bicycle 365 days a year here in NYC, unlike Rudy Bloomberg in their chauffeured SUVs, so I have a slightly more accurate view of NYC's third-world roadways than these royal scumbags in their ivory towers.)


FACT: there is a law in NYC that says you cannot cut up a road for FIVE YEARS after it has been repaved, except for emergencies like a gas leak or water main break. Rudy Bloomberg broke that law---according to their own stats!----over 100,000 times! (As a favor to the Big Biz and Rich Developers who funded his elections and are funding his run for the White House.)

THAT's how "tough" Rudy is on lawbreakers who steal taxdollars!



THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to end Rudy's fake career and jail all the reporters who LIED to Americans to cheat our system of government.

Giuliani violated the federal handicap-access laws for 8 years as Mayor. (Betcha CNN, the NYTimes, and the rest decline to mention this in any of their campaign coverage.) This ALONE makes him one of the scummiest humans on the planet.

after 8 years of Rudy "helping the handicapped" (like the good Christian he is!) and 5 years of his handpicked puppet Mayor Bloomberg doing the same, NYC still has over 51,000---FIFTY-ONE THOUSAND curbs that are still not wheelchair accessible, which means the person in the wheelchair can't get on or off a sidewalk!!!!!!!!

Mayor Bloomberg was forced to settle the federal lawsuits b/c Rudy BROKE THE FEDERAL LAW every year! (Nevermind that Giuliani crapped on the weakest people in society. He BROKE FEDERAL LAW to do it! The man is the biggest sleazeball ever!)

Rudy at times did even more corrupt things to make it appear he was obeying the law. EX: I can show you photos (in storage) (but city records will back me up) of him having work crews (probably more of his mob pals) putting in handicap curbcuts WHERE THERE WAS ALREADY A HANDICAP CURBCUT! (Not one reporter I called would even look into the issue, b/c all were afraid of Mobster Rudy.)

(Likewise, I'd love to investigate the number of times I've seen crews repave a street that didn't need to be repaved while not repaving streets that have needed repaving for 20 years!)

This photo is super-scandalous if you look closely.

it shows a curbcut was made (using a cutting torch on the metal curb when it was installed). But the curbcut isn't even 7 inches from the road! This is CLASSIC contractor corruption as seen by Rudy Giuliani and his idols Boss Tweed and Dubya Cheney.

GOT THAT? We not only didn't get a curbcut [which is illegal], but we PAID for one [which we didn't get, which is illegal]!

ASK RUDY TO EXPLAIN THIS. (His campaign and staff pled the fifth.)

AGAIN: THE ONLY QUESTION IS WHY ISN'T RUDY IN PRISON like many of his closest aides?

There' s no disputing Giuliani is the most corrupt politician in US history on a municipal level. (Rudy would be #1, period, if not for the fact that he never had as much money or power as a US President has to break laws with.)



A Conservative group recently put out a study that said NYC loses 13 BILLION DOLLARS every year in economic activity from the traffic madness and gridlock---ie, TOTAL ANARCHY--- in NYC (b/c Rudy fixed NOTHING). Got that? Conservative businessmen said Rudy cost them tens of billions! (No wonder stoopid Republicans LOVE Rudy!)

Y'see, Rudy is easily the worst mayor in history, in every category (again, I'll publicly debate anyone who says otherwise). Very few cities on earth have the crippling anarchy and gridlock that Rudy presided over. (Actually, Rudy was busy watching Yankees games and didn't give a shit about fixing anything in Nyc.) (That's why I call him "Sleeping Rudy".)

I was just in London, which is the same size as NYC, and I saw NO traffic Gridlock. Meanwhile, I saw gridlock in the same intersections in NYC every single day for all 8 years of Sleeping Rudy's tenure. (It's still there today, b/c Rudy fixed NOTHING. ASK the liars at NBC or CNN or the NYTimes to come with me and I'll SHOW THEM.)



several times on his WABC radio show, Rudy took calls from taxpayers pleading with him to Do Something / Anything so they didn't have to walk into traffic to cross streets (b/c all the crosswalks were filled illegally with cars that didn't notice the red light)! (I and many others have photos and video of mothers being forced to push babystollers INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC b/c there was no other way to cross!) (Too bad that video is on 8mm, buried in my archives. Of course, you can go out TODAY and see it still!) (I have posted some videos that clearly show NYC today is the crime capital and anarchy capital of the world. Go to YouTube and look for my account as "Touching You".)

Rudy's PSYCHO response was that we couldn't give tickets to bad drivers who were risking lives (or costing us 13 billion in lost revenue)!

Rudy's excuses were things like "if we give tickets to lawless drivers, we'll have to pull them over and create more traffic gridlock"---which defied truth and reason. (EX: you could simply photograph the offenders or pull them over onto side streets or...)

THE MAN 100% OF THE MEDIA CLAIMS IS "MR. LAW AND ORDER" HIMSELF has said we should look the other way at lawlessness (which Rudy says directly increases the murder rate via Broken Windows)!!!

Rudy didn't rule with an Iron Fist.

He ruled with a pink dress.

(Yeah, cheap shot at Rudy's Drag Queen ways, which I don't actual mind.) (Though Rudy is even more hideous in drag.)


(b/c Giuliani's corruption knows no bounds) (he is easily the biggest liar in history and the biggest fake in history)...

EVEN WORSE than Rudy's refusal to enforce important laws was his EXPENSIVE anti-solutions.

Sleeping Rudy, incapable of fixing the problem, did what he always does: THROWS MORE MONEY AT A PROBLEM b/c he's the most fiscally reckless politician in U.S. history.

he decided to have NYPD cops act as babysitters, directing traffic!

The NYPD was furious to have cops be wasted on such stoopid shit (and it didn't even work, as the cops failed to stop anyone as usual, and were banned by Rudy so they couldn't write tickets). (To this day you can see cars run red lights with cops standing right there, b/c NYC is ANARCHY.)

It was also ridiculed by Rudy's ALLIES as the most expensive plan possible.
(You don't need a trained officer with a gun to direct traffic. Anyone can do this job---without a gun!)

THIS ONE FACT ALONE should end Rudy's presidential run, b/c it shows he lied to everyone, wasted billions of tax dollars, and protected the most dangerous drivers on our deadly roads!


Neither conservatives NOR liberals do. Which is why the media won't discuss any of this.


instead of giving tickets to dangerously incompetent drivers who can't stop for red lights, Rudy spent billions of tax dollars on other anti-solutions too, like

- very expensive signs that read "Don't Block The Box!" (we really really mean it this time!)
[Hmm, I wonder if Bernie Kerik or the Harding boys run a sign company on the side...]


- very expensive giant white 'X's across intersections to remind drivers it's an intersection (!!)


SHOULD I EVEN MENTION that we taxpayers had already shelled out BILLIONS to prevent traffic gridlock. EX: TRAFFIC LIGHTS! Duh! EX: A DMV that forces people to PASS TESTS!

But Rudy stuck to his story this time: he would never punish people who didn't know how to drive a car! He would instead punish innocent taxpayers, flushing billion$ down the drain.

BUT WAIT! There's still more!

In 2000, with his lawless Police Commissioner Howard Safir----a man so hated by cops they voted "no confidence" in their own "leader", ie, Rudy HACK----at his side, Rudy held a photo op, er, press conference where he announced "OPERATION MOVE ALONG".

Rudy said they were going to combat deadly traffic gridlock, and tellingly NOT ONE JOURNALIST THOUGHT TO ASK SUPERCRIMEFIGHTER RUDY WHY he was making this plan in the SEVENTH year of his EIGHT-YEAR gig!

Rudy's own press conference PROVED he'd DONE NOTHING FOR 7 YEARS TO STOP LAWLESSNESS AND ANARCHY and not ONE journalist would tell the truth. (The media spun it as "Rudy's tough on lawlessness again!".)

Needless to say, Operation Move Along was as phony as Rudy's combover or his 9/11 heroism.

I'll show you around NYC tomorrow and prove ANARCHY rules NYC while City Hall eats fine meals paid for by us little taxpayers.

DEMAND THE HEADS OF JOURNALISTS OR let govern-media keep stealing YOUR hard-earned tax money.



In this photo are multiple smoking guns proving Rudy to be the most corrupt politician in US history.

(I can take you outdoors in all 5 boroughs of NYC today and show you pure anarchy and govt corruption courtesy of Giuliani if you doubt me.)

If you see a traffic cop standing in the intersection, GAME OVER.

That's a BABYSITTER and Rudy said we should never coddle lawbreakers.

Rudy's hiring of babysitters (whom Rudy said many times were blocked from writing tickets to bad drivers!)---at astronomical cost to taxpayers is the worst "liberalism" I've ever seen.

REMEMBER: Rudy says he lowered 70% of serious crime (murder, rape, etc) by simply arresting people for small crimes (jumping turnstiles, smoking pot)--it's called the "broken windows" theory----so... um, Rudy? Uh... why didn't this also work on getting Regular Joes to STOP ON A WHITE LINE AT A RED LIGHT??


(Nevermind that Rudy lied about the broken windows theory (he didn't even use it!) (that was another Rudy lie)... the man's own comments that he got hard criminals to go straight---HIS argument, not mine---but couldn't get a million people a day to drive legally ALONE proves he's legally insane!)

Shall I go on?

if you see giant white "x"s painted across the intersection, GAME OVER.

It proves Rudy WASTED TAX DOLLARS b/c he couldn't solve the problem of gridlock via either "broken windows", "compstat", or punishing lawbreakers.

A "tough" mayor would give tickets to bad drivers (just as Rudy had the NYPD writing 9 MILLION PARKING tickets a year---b/c Psycho Rudy said parked cars are a bigger danger than moving automobiles driven by incompetent people). This would be a win-win situation: not only cleaning up our deadly roads but also SAVING TAX MONEY via ticket revenues.

But Rudy chose "lose-lose" for us: no ticket revenues, and still gridlock is rampant in NYC!

Most of the world has no gridlock problems AND didn't have to spend millions a year to paint dumb white "x"s on the road!

Do you want the WORST MAYOR EVER as president?


if you can blow up this photo, you'll even see in the upper left portion a sign (we taxpayers paid for against our will) that reads "DON'T BLOCK THE BOX"!

That sign ALONE would end Rudy's fake career, b/c it's akin to a mayor, who wants to lower murder, hanging up signs (at enormous taxpayer expense) in a bad neighborhood that read "Don't commit murder!"


On my planet (Earth), everyone who drives a car was supposed to pass a driving test and have taken driving courses. We taxpayers spend billions on our Dept of Motor Vehicles and police departments.

But then, since NYC is total anarchy, MAYOR RUDY comes along and essentially says, "nevermind the billions we spent on the DMV and the NYPD! Let's give more contracts to my mob pals to put in signs and white xs---anything to not have to simply PUNISH BAD DRIVERS". And you thought I was kidding when I said no human is softer on lawbreakers than Rudy Giuliani?

Mayor Dinkins (who was the black Giuliani) gave us gridlock FREE OF CHARGE, while Rudy paid billions to accomplish the same thing!

Hey Rudy, if you're president, will you hang signs on every road in the USA listing all the laws we should obey, even the MOST OBVIOUS ONES???


NOTE: this isn't even one my most damaging photo of Rudy's traffic "Legacy" (gridlock / anarchy of which loses us 13 billion a year, according to conservative business groups).

My fave is the photo with THREE traffic cops "preventing gridlock" and they are surrounded by gridlock.

(Problem is, I couldn't afford a digital camera until I successfully sued Rudy and got paid in 2003. All my photos of Rudy's failures during 1994 - 2001 are all print photos in hundreds of boxes in 3 locations b/c thanks to Crook Rudy's protection of lawless landlords [who donated tons of cash to his campaigns], my super-scumbag landlord faked documents to illegally evict me from my home of 15 years. My files are scattered in 2 different cities!)

If I can show Rudy's corruption / incompetency / lies with even my weakest photos, doesn't that say something?

Here's another good photo that is too subtle for the average voter:

in it, you see vulnerable pedestrians having to cross BETWEEN cars to have their right of way to cross, b/c this car blocked the box (after Rudy spent a billion to solve this problem). (You can see the red light in the background.) (You can also see this scene a thousand times a day in NYC.)

Where is the largest police force on earth? WHY aren't they ticketing this driver for not knowing how to drive? (Oh yeah: Rudy forbade the NYPD from punishing lawbreakers like bad drivers or Russel Harding.)

If LAWBREAKERS get away, what message does that send, Rudy? (It's called "defining deviancy down" says Rudy, who got caught jaywalking and speeding himself, b/c hypocrisy is his middle name.) Anarchy increases Murder, said Rudy. So either Rudy is a fraud or Rudy is a fraud. Which is it? (Again, Team Rudy declined to defend him and explain this mystery!)

Even the steel road plate down on the left proves Rudy lied. Any decay supports an increase in crime, said Nutjob Rudy (a man who took 8 YEARS to repave Canal Street, with endless "construction"). Rudy forced people to walk INTO traffic with babystrollers just to cross the street. And 100% of reporters then said "Rudy whipped NYC into shape!".

Meanwhile, almost nowhere else on earth do they have these problems. But somehow the media spun the WORST MAYOR EVER into the Best Mayor Ever!

(This is another example of why JOURNALISTS are the most dangerous criminals on earth. Politicians don't have to do ANYTHING honestly or correctly, b/c reporters will praise them anyhow!)

Let's move on...



also 7 YEARS into an 8-year job, Rudy held a photo op, er, "press conference" where he announced he'd found $4,000,000 [million] a year (in a $44,000,000,000 [billion] budget!?) to finally test DNA rape kits collecting dust in a city warehouse!

(Funny... Rudy found millions of taxdollars to throw PARADES on Broadway for astronaut John Glen and also for another city's baseball hero, Sammy Souza BEFORE he could find monies to test rape kits and catch rapists!!! This fact ALONE would end his career. And this fact alone would allow us to arrest most journalists for not simply lying to their customers but directly helping rapists escape. It's called "accomplice to the crime". )

But of course the journalists all hailed this as another example of "Tough On Crime Rudy".

Not ONE journalist told the truth, however, which they all knew (and I phoned them up just to make sure they could never claim they were ignorant):

a) the fact that Rudy waited 7 YEARS to catch rapists is SUPERscandalous. It alone PROVES Rudy Did Nothing for 7 of 8 years!!

b) the statute of limitations for prosecuting a rapist is FIVE YEARS in NY, meaning Rudy had let thousands of rapists OFF THE HOOK (b/c even if the DNA evidence matched some criminal's DNA he couldn't be arrested cuz the statute of limitations had expired!!)

c) in 8 years of working day and night (as Rudy and his fans claim) Rudy NEVER GOT THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS changed! How's THAT for tough on crime!

(I and most Americans think the statute of limitations for most crimes should be ETERNITY. If you have enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt, no serious criminal should EVER be let off the hook. Not even 40 years later. Rudy will say he thinks this too---ASK HIM---so he's admitting he TOTALLY FAILED the victims of crime by FAILING to get the statute even expanded to 20 years.) (And I completely agree with Rudy that he TOTALLY FAILED TO FIGHT CRIME.)

THIS ONE EXAMPLE ALONE WOULD GET RUDY SPAT UPON AT EVERY CAMPAIGN STOP and cost him the election. (This is why the media will never mention it.)

(Today's NYTimes had a piece by Super Crooked MARC SANTORA about the MUSIC Rudy has playing at his campaign events! How's that for REAL NEWS? The NYTimes editors should've been locked up in jail LONG AGO for their deliberate crimes and deliberate cover ups of govt criminality.)


It has since come out (b/c there are a few honest reporters left in America) that Rudy hired a child molester who is one of his closest pals (from childhood), ex-Priest ALAN PLACA, to work at Giuliani Partners (b/c Placa needed a job after being ousted from the church for raping kids!).

Now, IF PLACA RAPED KIDS IN CHURCH, WHY ISN'T HE IN JAIL, you may intelligently ask.



See ANY pattern yet in Giuliani Land?

THIS ONE scandal ALONE demonstrates how Rudy might just be more corrupt than every other politician in U.S. history COMBINED!

(Church-rape survivors have started picketing Rudy events b/c of Rudy's support of the Catholic Church's cover ups and Rudy's support of child molesters.)


Monsignor Alan Placa isn't merely a child molester who has Rudy's total support...

* * * * * *
Placa was a fellow LAWYER like Rudy and guess what PLACA's job in the church was!


(You can look this all up if you doubt me. You can find links, and Wayne Barrett (whom Rudy says is the best investigative reporter on earth---and I completely agree with Rudy) did a story or two on it.)

Or better yet, ask Rudy and see if he pleads the Fifth as he usually does.

* * * * *
Placa JUST HAPPENS to be the crooked priest who annulled Rudy's first marriage to his COUSIN Regina so "Good Catholic" Rudy could remarry in the church!


(Placa claims he believed Rudy's argument that Rudy didn't know he was married to his cousin for ten to fourteen YEARS!)





For a decade before I found out about Placa, I slammed Rudy for being boldly silent on the endless child molestation scandals in the Catholic Church.

RUDY said he was tough on crime, so WHY would he look the other way when systemic raping and covering up was going on right under his nose?

ASK RUDY to name the press conferences he held as "crimefighting" U.S. Attorney or #3 in Reagan's "Justice" Dept, or as Mayor WHERE HE DENOUNCES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR COVERING UP RAPES OF CHILDREN.

Betcha he can't name ONE.

Ask Sunny Mindel at Giuliani Partners. She's one of Rudy's top aides for the last 8 years or so and was his main "spokesperson". SURELY she will defend her boss's fine reputation by providing you ANY links to Rudy going after these Child Molesters---right?
Tel: 212.931.7300 Fax: 212.931.7310

Betcha she pleads the Fifth too, rather than correct my facts about Rudy. I've already asked her to read thru this site and correct ANY of my mistakes, but she, like Rudy, consistently pleads the Fifth.

(Her silence and Rudy's ALONE proves guilt. Rudy himself said so and I agree with him!)

NOTE: THIS ONE FACT ALONE----RUDY LOOKING THE OTHER WAY AT THE RAPE OF HELPLESS CHILDREN --VERY SERIOUS CRIME----is enough to end his career (and maybe lock him up in prison under a variety of laws, since he HELPED the Church get away with many rapes).

Shall I go on?


I'm not even at 1% of Giuliani's scandals yet! (Damn, I may be typing for the next ten years!)


Demand the Justice Dept and NY's Attorney General (a crook named Andrew Cuomo who owes Rudy favors b/c Rudy endorsed his super-liberal daddy, Mario The Crook Cuomo) investigate Rudy.

Good luck with that!


EVEN RUDY HIMSELF ADMITS THAT HIS SLEEPING AT THE WHEEL as criminals had total freedom around NYC amounted to ANARCHY!

ASK him about how well he curbed the church rape scandals!


THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to arrest Rudy and most journalists in NYC for fraud and maybe even treason (b/c the ONLY reason they lie to taxpayers is to corrupt our democratic system).

this is the bathroom of the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan.

the club didn't exist until AFTER Rudy cleaned up NYC and got rid of almost all crime (he and the media insisted).

its bathrooms were brand new and flawless (all of this can be proven if you doubt me) and today, AFTER Rudy "cleaned up" NYC and got rid of 70% of criminals and crime (Rudy and the Media SAID this) the club's bathrooms are the sight of thousands of SEPARATE crimes!

the entire media (both left and right wing) said Rudy decimated graffiti!

But if you can commit over a thousand crimes IN ONE ROOM, then NYC is in no fucking way the safest large city in the USA. It is the MOST CRIME-RIDDEN PLACE ON PLANET EARTH, and I can prove that to you a zillion times over.
[Again, Rudy Trolls can't say "this proves we need Rudy still!" as I can do the wiring in your home and it will last for 50 years, guaranteed. Are they saying none of Rudy's "reforms" were real or permanent? That's nuts. NYC today is the filthiest city in America and the most crime-ridden place on earth. WHY won't the media discuss any of this? Why is fundraising more important than Rudy's faked legacy??]
this photo alone proves NYC GOT WORSE under Rudy's "leadership".
EX: See that ETCHING ACID on the mirrors?

That's far worse than spray paint, stickers, etc. Before Rudy, NYC had wimpier graffiti. (Paint could be cleaned off or painted over.) Once Rudy took charge, vandals destroyed millions of dollars in glass (like 100% of subway car windows) with either scratchiti or etching acid! And I can show CNN this all over this "cleaned up" city.

But the media refuses to tell Americans the truth.

How is that not treason by itself?


Giuliani has admitted (via both words and actions) that he despises the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (except when he and his cronies need to plead the Fifth!).

Rudy is on record saying he loathes the First Amendment.

He has arrested thousands of people (including me) for speech critical of his nazism. (And he later dropped the charges against me after it was exposed, and after I was tortured by his goons in jail, so even HE agreed my arrests were false!)

he has tried to stop the Free Market and shut down all adult bookstores and other things ADULTS enjoy and has been found guilty in court of violating our Free Speech protections on dozens of occasions.

He has repeatedly stated his hatred for the separation of Church and State b/c he wants America to be like Iran: a fundamentalist-religious nation that FORCES its beliefs onto the citizens, without choice.

(If you want extensive details, I will gladly provide them in a PUBLIC debate with Giuliani or any of his cronies / staff. I'm trying to keep this brief so as not to bore the average reader.)

(How stereotypical that he wanted to put the Ten Commandments in public schools WHILE he was commiting ADULTERY on the mother of his kids. A "true original" [hypocrite] the media says!)

Rudy has repeatedly tried to stop "the right to petition the govt for a redress of grievances" (my favorite part of the First Amendment that gets overlooked) by illegally banning protest or complaining by citizens.

Rudy has repeatedly tried to stop the "right to peaceably assemble", again, to stop protests against his corrupt administration, just like Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, Iran, and other fascists and totalitarians did.

(Note that Rudy also supports China's totalitarian fascism and repression just like Bush does. Ditto all of Bush's other allies, like Saudi Arabia and so on.)

SEE? Rudy's corruption is so widespread that I could write millions of pages about his crimes. Hell, I could write a book just on Rudy's specific attacks on the Free Speech clause. And I'm still on the FIRST Amendment! Sheesh!)

Let's move on to the other Rights Rudy hates...


RUDY HATES THE SECOND AMENDMENT and does not believe citizens have a right to defend themselves.

as mayor, Rudy made it nearly impossible for honest citizens to LEGALLY own a gun to protect themselves and their family. (You had to be a celebrity or a Rudy Buddy to get a gun in NYC, in violation of the Constitution.) (I was the victim of tons of crimes and Rudy said I had no rights but to sit and be a victim!)

MEANWHILE, Rudy did many things to make sure CRIMINALS could still get guns!

he supported the GOP's endless efforts to make handguns available at KMarts, Wal-Marts, etc.

he supported the corrupt War On Drugs b/c he knew this is what gave teenagers the MONEY and MOTIVE to buy guns and ruin our nation.

ASK HIM why he supports a failed Prohibition on what Grown Adults do, when that prohibition costs us trillions and only funds most crime.

Most cops murdered in America were killed by people who got their weapons via the War on Drugs. (Then ask psycho how many cops were killed by Liquor store owners.)

Then watch how many media stories on Rudy refuse to ask him about ANY of this.

[FYI: I believe in the right to bear arms, but that doesn't need to include HANDGUNS. I think every family should be able to own a single-shot rifle. Let some punk sneak that into school or a deli. We could / should ban all handguns and their ammo to reduce our astounding crime rates. Other nations don't have our crime rates---the entire nation of Japan has fewer murders than Rudy's "cleaned up" NYC! That alone is devastating proof of Rudy's fakery.]


Giuliani hates the Fourth Amendment's "guarantee" to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, and I'm living proof:

he had his gestapo, the "Intelligence Division" of the NYPD trash my home with one of the most bogus "search warrants" in legal history.

[Nevermind that the bogus warrant was signed by a judge appointed by Rudy himself (can you say "conflict of interest"?)... but it was to find a copy of a piece of paper (!!) I never denied having! I could've gotten the paper myself if they'd asked, (it was just an unconstitutional restraining order that said I couldn't humiliate Rudy during his reelection campaign on radio or testify at public hearings) but it was all a ruse to trash my home and send a MESSAGE: "shut up and don't fuck with us b/c we can fuck your life up many ways". Rudy's own detective squad called him a criminal! And needless to say, but I destroyed Rudy's criminal maneuvers in court and a jury backed me up and Mayor Bloomberg paid me $35,000 to settle that lawsuit.]

NOTE: as usual, I'm just giving a few examples b/c there is a lot of ground to cover. No one in Rudy's camp can say anything unless they have the courage to DEBATE ME IN PUBLIC.

Rudy hates the Fourth Amendment so much he had his NYPD illegally search the HQ of the Hell's Angels, but the NYPD's own videocameras captured the cops admitting they were breaking the law and us taxpayers had to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars so Rudy could settle that lawsuit too.

(Giuliani is likely the worst lawyer in history. He's lost so many legal battles he's become a self-parody. Now check to see if he mentions any of this on his Campaign Website. Or google all kinds of media stories on Rudy and see how many omit his legal history.)


Rudy has said he despises the FIFTH AMENDMENT, specifically the parts about being deprived of life, liberty, or property without DUE PROCESS, and the part about testifying against oneself.

Rudy has repeatedly said he supports Bush's assaults on Due Process (ie, fairness by govt) which is a pillar of Western Civilization. (Rudy prefers Salem Witchhunts and Hitler's Nazi Party and Saddam Hussein's methods.)

Rudy says you should be able to arrest Americans and hold them in jail forever without having to ever prove them guilty of any crime! This ALONE is enough to hang him for treason! And again, I'm an EYE-witness, as Rudy's judges repeatedly threw me in jail for weeks without allowing bail to be set for misdemeanor speech charges, which is SUPER illegal. (I was facing community service if I was guilty! So how did I do weeks in Rikers Island without being proven guilty? And in fact, I was proven INNOCENT each time, so why did I do the jailtime, Herr Rudy?)

NOTE: some Rudy Trolls will say I attack Rudy as "revenge", but, DUH... the public record shows that I was publicly exposing Rudy's crimes BEFORE he ever arrested me---that's WHY he had Special Prosecutors and others spending millions to try and shut me up.

Rudy illegally used Eminent Domain to steal people's private property
on many occasions for all kinds of crooked purposes, mostly as favors to the big Developers who donated tons of money to his campaigns.

(Just look up the billion dollar boondoggle of his failed attempt to steal the building across the street from the NY Stock Exchange to give them a new HQ. The media has super-amnesia about all of these scandals.)

Rudy has said he doesn't believe in the right to plead the Fifth. He thinks criminals should have to admit their crimes, which is common among Prosecutors (aka, govt criminals).

Unless of course, it's Rudy, Cheney, Bush (or any of Rudy's top aides who all went to jail). (Harding, Serra, Compaccia, Roberts, and his other convict pals like Kerik, Fugazy, Steinbrennar, et al.)

Is it relevent that a presidential candidate loathes the Constitution?

Because none of the media outlets will discuss it.

Ask them WHY.


Rudy despises the SIXTH Amendments "guarantee" to a speedy trial. And an impartial judge/jury. And the assistance of counsel (ie, a lawyer to help fight Nazi Goliath).

Giuliani regularly cut the budget for the courts and clogged them with pointless minor arrests.
(ex: no reflector on your bike!) (ex: playing acoustic guitar in public!) (ex: smoking pot!) [which isn't crime. it's a "violation". Imagine sitting in jail overnight because you didn't feed the parking meter! The guy is psycho!] This slowed down everyone's right to a speedy trial AND destroyed justice.

(It also let REAL criminals get away, b/c the longer it takes to go to trial, the more witnesses forget details and the more evidence deteriorates ,which helps guilty criminals escape conviction.)

Rudy had me falsely arrested in 1997 and all the evidence said I was innocent, but I was arrested b/c Rudy was up for re-election and needed to silence his critics.

By illegally delaying my right to a speedy trial, Rudy, a) maintained the illegal restraining order which kept me from humiliating him on WABC radio, testifying at public hearings, and being in any protests or holding any press conferences on the steps of City Hall, etc, etc, and b) maintained the character assassination that was proven false once I was totally cleared by a jury of 6 taxpayers.

I was ready for my "speedy trial" the day I was falsely arrested. But SOMEHOW it was TWO AND A HALF YEARS before I was allowed my trial, where I destroyed Rudy with all kinds of evidence (including video of my fake arrest! Oof!). This ALONE is enough to put Rudy into federal prison for violating my Sixth Amendment "guarantees".

Rudy's hatred of the Speedy Trial clause costs taxpayers BILLIONS of lost dollars, by dragging out justice, and proves Rudy's arrests were consistently FAKE.

(If a person is truly guilty, you always want to try them quickly b/c witnesses die of old age or move out of state and evidence gets lost or deteriorates. Giuliani's hatred of speedy trials ALONE proves his support of real criminals!)

ALSO, this illegal behavior by Rudy cost another billion to taxpayers b/c the longer innocent people sit in jail, the larger the lawsuit payouts are. DUH. And Rudy paid out more money to settle lawsuits from his endless crimes than ANY OTHER MAYOR IN HUMAN HISTORY. Over $500 MILLION every 12 months b/c Giuliani was breaking the law so consistently. It was so consistent that Rudy just automatically added this into the annual budget!

FIND me a conservative OR a liberal who thinks Rudy should've been allowed to not only get away with crimes, but PAID OFF THE VICTIMS using tax money!!!

See? If Republicans find out the truth about this super-criminal they'll want him strung up and beaten!

More soon...

Rudy's pals.

Louis Freeh . Head of FBI during Waco, Wen Ho Lee scandal. Missing guns and labtop scandal too?



this much time at the site in two to three days.[60]

When Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal suggested that the attacks were an indication that the United States "should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stand toward the Palestinian cause", Giuliani asserted, :"There is no moral equivalent for this [terrorist] act. There is no justification for it... And one of the reasons I think this happened is because people were engaged in moral equivalency in not understanding the difference between liberal democracies like the United States, like Israel, and terrorist states and those who condone terrorism. So I think not only are those statements wrong, they're part of the problem." Giuliani subsequently rejected the prince's $10 million donation to disaster relief in the aftermath of the attack.[61]

= = = = = = =====================



“They used to call [NYC] unmanageable, ungovernable. A large majority of New Yorkers wanted to leave and live somewhere else. It was a city that was in financial crisis, a city that was the crime capital of America.”

[Exactly. This perfectly describes NYC AFTER Rudy "reformed" it! FACT: businesses were fleeing the city b/c of Rudy's sleeping on the terrorism beat and his super failures of 9/11. FACT: citizens were fleeing the city after 8 years of Rudy because of terrorism (and City Hall's total disinterest in hindering it); because Rudy created the highest inflation in US history; because only the rich could afford the highest taxes in the USA courtesy of Rudy; because only the rich could afford to buy a home or rent; and so on. FACT: even Rudy supporters like the NYPost criticized Rudy's fiscal mismanagement, that created the largest debts (on a municipal level) in human history. He was also slammed by liberals and conservatives for being the most reckless fiscal idiot in history. For instance, he doubled NYC's debt in just 8 years and borrowed insanely while simultaneously boasting of record cash surpluses! FACT: Rudy himself has admitted on 99 % of the issues that he couldn't manage NYC and it was "ungovernable" to him, from prostitution and drugs, to police corruption (not including Kerik!) and political corruption (not including Rudy's staff!) to traffic gridlock. FACT: after 8 years of Rudy, NYC had the highest crime rate ON PLANET EARTH (but Rudy lives on another planet in his mind), and to this day, crime is so bad that the NYPD can't protect themselves from record crime and even the NYPost just did a cover story about how the NYPD themselves are committing record crime! Thanks, Rudy! What would we do without you?]

The AD also states:

“By the time I left office, New York City was being proclaimed as the best example of conservative government in the country,”

[FACT: the only people praising Rudy's "leadership" were people whose source for Rudy's greatness was... Rudy himself! Rudy faked all the stats (like the corporate criminals he now protects for money at Giuliani Partners!) and all media and the rest of Earth got their info on Rudy's greatness from Rudy and his staff, who got caught lying over and over. Conservatives hated Rudy even more than Liberals did!]

“We turned it into the safest large city in America, the welfare-to-work capital of America, and most importantly, the spirit of the people of the city had changed. Instead of being hopeless, the large majority of people had hope.”

[FACT: as always, Rudy is lying about everything, and this is why he's so scared to debate his critics. FACT: when Rudy was done, NYC had over 500,000 people on welfare---ie, it was the largest welfare state on earth----and Rudy had been exposed for welfare fraudulence, crimes, and stealing billions to give to his Kerik-esque cronies like Richard Schwartz and Jason Turner illegal contracts like Rudy's hero Bush did for Halliburton in Iraq. There are thousands more dirty details proving Rudy's welfare scandals to be some of the worst in history. EX: I did an undercover investigation of his "job centers" and "job training" shams and they just made us sit in chairs for 8 hours and stopped us from looking for jobs (b/c if we found jobs, they lost theirs, DUH). Rudy spent billions of our taxdollars on publicity stunts made to look like he was Doing Something. Same tricks Hitler and Stalin used. Ask for more details b/c I could write 400,000 words just on Rudy's welfare scandals!]



This photo clearly shows you how much of Rudy's "renaissance" was real (or maybe it was all PR and fake?). For this isn't merely what Rudy did to NYC: neglect it (like he neglected his wife and kids).

It's far worse.

This is in super-trendy and very expensive Williamsburg! Looks great, Rudy!

The sidewalk is a PUBLIC sidewalk, meaning the MAYOR is completely responsible for the maintenance of it!

NYC TODAY is the most expensive ghetto in the history of civilization. Want to go on a tour of the five boroughs?


THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to arrest Giuliani and many reporters for scamming the taxpayers.

As you can clearly see, not only did Rudy NOT fix the city or expensive-and-deadly gridlock (and drivers who don't know how to stop at red lights!), but he failed WITH COPS STANDING MERE FEET FROM THE LAWLESS (!!!!), refusing to Do Their JOB and either keep the intersection clear OR ticket bad drivers who don't know how to operate a vehicle!

This is called "GRAND LARCENY": many govt employees caught not doing their job are arrested every year for stealing public money.

It's also scandalous b/c it shows you just how influential Rudy's army of cops (the largest on earth!) are: people are so unafraid of the Keystone Kops that they break the law DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THESE BOZOS.

And if that wasn't scandalous enough, the lawbreaker and scary drive of the black limo WAS PROVEN RIGHT for not fearing the Keystone Kops!

This is what the media calls "tough on crime"!

Shall I go on?

ONE KOP is unbelievable and super scandalous and criminal!

But TWO KOPS refusing to do their job in front of the public?

Exactly: NYC is the world capital of anarchy. And the world capital of wasted taxes.


HERE's just another example of HOW & WHY Rudy (and his crony Tax Hike Mike Bloomberg) created the largest govt spending increases in all human history (on a municipal level).

EX: Rudy spent over $10 MILLION tax dollars just to put his name on all govt property for self-promotion at OUR expense. (How many trees could he have planted instead, which would've improved our quality of life for another 50 years!)

And Bloomberg named all of his companies after himself (showing a telling lack of imagination, which is a sign of intelligence), so you know what his goal is.

EX: Rudy & Bloombag put their names on FOUR different spots in the backs of all cabs despite there being no reason to put their names on even one.

(It means they have to keep wasting tax dollars every time the mayor changes or the mayor's cronies change, which happens rather frequently.)

ASK RUDY & MIKE to explain why their names need to be on everything.

Why not just list the 311 City Hall number and if anyone needs to know who's mayor, they can just ask the cabbie or anyone else or call the friggin' number!!

This would save us hundreds of millions over the next 15 years! (Rising costs and increases in how corrupt govt is.)

When Rudy entered office in 1994, the city's budget was an insane 33 BILLION a year! After 8 years of Rudy and 5 years of his main man Mike, the budget is now over 60 BILLION a year!

That ALONE is enough for these two criminals to be busted for so many crimes and illegal spending tricks.

But media won't discuss any of it.


I TOOK THIS PHOTO THE OTHER DAY to show you another example of how much Rudy lowered crime. ALL over NYC you can find these signs in restaurants, bars, and so on. Funny thing is, I don't see these when I go around America or to Ireland, Scotland, or London. Why not? OH YEAH: they don't have a CRIME EPIDEMIC like NYC does! Thanks Rudy!

Homeless people and other criminals just walk into restaurants and bars and steal purses. Half my friends have had their purses SINCE Rudy "saved NYC".

Even better: every single one of these thieves was previously "corrected" and "rehabilitated" by Rudy Giuliani at a cost of billions of YOUR dollars, suckers! He didn't rehabilitate a single one,---instead he bought them weightlifting equipment (no joke)-----but the media refused to report this, even as their covers featured stories about monstrous crimes and more monstrous crimes, all committed by Rudy's Graduates!


HERE's THE PERFECT SYMBOL of Rudy's "cleaned up" NYC:

AS USUAL, the photo is far more scandalous than you'd ever realize.

The criminals attacked GOVT PROPERTY! That's akin to mugging a policeman: you must be really brave (unless the victim is really really incompetent) to mess with the largest police force on earth and Goliath!

Criminals under Rudy (and since Rudy) have proven the city is ANARCHY and criminals rule the land, doing whatever they want. They'll even rob THE GOVT just to rub it in!

This is right next to the 7th Precinct!


You know you're Keystone Kops when criminals commit crime on YOUR property right in front of your nose!

You can clearly see over 20 DIFFERENT crimes on this one sign!

That's akin to 20 Kops being mugged on different occasions... all in front of a police station!

It's beyond scandalous. Which is why the media talks about Paris Hilton.

I can take you to all 5 boroughs and show you over 300 MILLION acts of vandalism on govt property just like this one!

Ask CNN to grab a cameraman and let's go for a tour!



cheating taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars!

THESE PHOTOS show the Giuliani invention of allowing Corporate Advertising on PUBLIC property---under the premise that these are for the "public good" (!!), without the permission of the taxpayers, but---SURPRISE!---the money made from these ads doesn't go to YOU, the taxpayer. The hundreds of millions goes to "NYC & Co" a quasi public/private (they give different answers when you ask). Who runs NYC & Co and makes all this money? Why, it's Giuliani's Ex- Mistress Christyne Lategano! And the scandal goes deeper!

Look closely.

"Financial Capital of the world"

"Real Estate Capital of the World"??

This one doesn't even purport to "inform" the public! It's just a picture of the Washington Square Park arch, but doesn' t even promote the park. Hmmm! Curious!

"Financial Capital of the world"---AGAIN??

This one's my favorite: (but I have to leave the house so please return)





[not finished yet, obviously]

both smart and dumb people think Giuliani was the Anti-Dinkins. (Dinkins was Giuliani's predecessor / "enemy" but was really the guy Rudy stole all his ideas from.)

Everyone believes Dinkins was soft on crime (b/c he was a black democrat) and Rudy was tough on crime, but the media likes to omit all the facts:

Giuliani's "star crimefighting Police Commissioner" who brought in the (superfake) "Compstat" crime fighting system?

Bill Bratton.


Curiously, he's the same man as DINKINS' star crimefighting Transit Police Commissioner---a man named Bill Bratton!

So WHY does the media leave out this deadly fact that proves Giuliani was the White David Dinkins and a FOLLOWER (NOT a leader)?

Because journalists are all corrupt tools of the government and the corporations.

Dinkins is also the one who brought DISNEY into Times Square. So WHY does the media keep pretending it was Rudy?

B/c journalists are paid to lie to the American people.

Dinkins flooded NYC with cops (who had almost nothing to do with crime rates, but I'll talk about this big can of worms later) via the Safe City Safe Streets program. But as always, Rudy took the credit and journalists didn't want to embarass Scary Hitler, er, Mayor Giuliani.

everyone, smart or dumb, thinks Rudy reinvented Fascism with his "tough on crime" facade, but this is also absurd.

the homeless under Dinkins created a shantytown of homemade wood shacks on Avenue C, and they called it "Dinkinsville" to embarass the black Giuliani.

Dinkins' response?

He sent in bulldozers and destroyed it all.

Yet the media all continue to pretend he was a wimpy liberal!

Six years later, when the record homeless population under Do Nothing Giuliani built a shantytown named after Giuliani, Rudy responded by...

...bulldozing it.

The media then called Giuliani a "True Original" unlike that wimp Dinkins!

AGAIN: journalists are the root of all evil. Their endless lies inspire all govt corruption, which in turn fosters bad education, poverty, the war on drugs, and most problems and crime in our society.

Shall I go on about Rudy being an imitation of Dinkins?

OK. I will.

Dinkins was attacked for caring more about TENNIS (his main love) than fixing NYC's endless problems.

Giuliani, once elected, neglected all problems in NYC to focus on BASEBALL.

(Sound familiar?)

(Actually, Russ Beutnner [one of the only honest journalists in the USA] and did an investigation and proved not only Giuliani's lies about being at Ground Zero as much as the rescue crews, but proved he spent more time at Yankees games (!!!) than at Ground Zero after 9/11!!! Sheesh!)

Stay tuned for a zillion more examples of Giuliani's lies.

And remember:

Giuliani is the WORST. MAYOR. EVER.